10 Financial Books You Should Read In Nigeria Before The End Of 2019

Books are ointments that keep the mind alive generally so by extension, financial books keep the mind attuned to financial breakthroughs. A reader is a leader; so the saying goes. Books are essential in the renewing of the mind and the mind is important in becoming a better person in all ramifications of life. Poverty is a state of the mind. You are poor in so far as you think that you are poor. you get it now right? The moment you begin to see yourself as rich and financially capable, you will begin to consciously and unconsciously gravitate towards financial freedom and wealth. Also read: the essence of network marketing in Nigeria

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10 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting Online Business In Nigeria

st century is characterized by the internet of things. It is an era of online marketing otherwise known as internet marketing. People out of necessity must involve in online businesses. Unfortunately, there are so many mistakes entrepreneurs make in this sector.
It is unfortunate because some of those mistakes could be avoided. Most of them have figured this perfect business idea, formulated a nice business plan but they make unnecessary mistakes when it comes to dealing with the online aspect of the business.


Stop Waiting For The Right Time And Start Creating The Right Time For Your Business In Nigeria

business in Nigeria. One thing you should know is that if you keep waiting for the right time for your business, that time might never come.
This is because there are many things to consider and all of them cannot be favorable for business at the same time.
So if you keep waiting for everything to be favorable, you might as well wait forever because such a time will never come. People tend to always study and prepare for businesses that they eventually end up not starting the business.
People spend much time and energy on getting prepared and trying to follow the best way to do things that they fail to understand that they are the ones to create the environment that they desire.
I am not saying that doing things the right way is wrong, neither am I of the opinion that doing your due diligence before starting a business is wrong in its entirety.
The problem is that people fail to draw a line between the right time and the perfect time for business.


7 Places You Can Identify and Purchase Businesses Online

You might have it mind to own a business of your own, but lack what it takes to set it up by yourself.
The best option there is for you is to buy an already existing business and then grow it from there.
There is a higher chance of success with the franchise than just starting your own business from the scratch. This is because; the business that you want to acquire already has a very good working system in place.
Once you buy the business, you also acquire that working system that has helped the business grow.
There is an already existing operating manual for franchise owners. With the help of this operating manual, the franchise owner can earn more while spending less time and effort as opposed the time and effort spent had the franchise owner gone along to independently setup that same business.
To an intending entrepreneur, there are many options you can explore if you want to own a business but are not ready to start it up by yourself.
There are many websites that you can purchase very standard and established business ventures around the world. With the help of these websites, you can identify and purchase businesses online around the globe.


How Entrepreneurs Can Become More Successful According To James Clear

Entrepreneur.com. The article in all fairness dealt with a crucial and peculiar way that entrepreneurs can become more successful. It did not list many points but it pointed out a holistic approach to success. Related: The importance of sleep to becoming more successful in business


What Does it Really Take To Build An Ecommerce Business In Nigeria?

E-commerce involves any type of business done online where individuals buy your items through the interface of a website or web portal. It could be an information product or a tangible good. A typical example of commerce business is that run on Jumia, Konka, Jiji, Olx and so forth. They have a remarkable site that you can purchase goods and services from the convenience of your home and get them conveyed to your doorstep before or after delivery. The internet is free but when it comes to setting up an e-commerce business, you have to pay for the cost of setting up your eCommerce business website, advertorials, and branding to make it stand out. You can stack up goods in your home, shop, or warehouse and be offering them online to individuals upon demand.

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